From Poland. Not really a gaming guy, apart from Minecraft plays mostly Flight Simulators and old Gameboy handhelds plus some PSX titles. Lazy af both in real life and Minecraft, can’t make pretty things but is somehow good at experimenting with other people’s stuff, Redstone preferred. For a living he enjoys airport ground services as […]


From North Carolina, have played MC since 2012, a mix of modded and vanilla. Recently finished my paramedic and I work in the field full time. I love classic cars and computers. I tend to take on larger projects and live alone, but I enjoy giving back and helping when and wherever possible


From Arizona. He is studying to become an aerospace engineer, and loves to tinker with technology. He has been playing Minecraft for a little over 7 years now, and is ready to give back to the community.


From California, is a recent college graduate with a degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis on Entertainment and Tourism. He hopes to bring fun and entertaining events to the server to help strengthen the already tight bond the players have. When not playing Minecraft, he is typically working where his focus is on building […]


From Hungary, has been playing Minecraft since beta. He works at a video game company as a game designer, was QA before. Besides Minecraft he likes to play Rocket League and other fps games and creates highlight videos of them for his friends. He owns an almost full collection of Pokemon handheld games, and can […]


From Lithuania, for now living in UK, currently studying full-time course in: Theoretical Physics with Mathematics. Started playing Minecraft on-and-off from Beta 1.6.6. Mostly plays Minecraft, sometimes other games. Other than that, loves to learn new things, from the universe to neural networks. Likes doing: martial arts, bike riding, and eating delicious food.


Just some dude that play MC who made this lovely website.


From Canada, has been playing Minecraft on and off since 2016. A casual player who enjoys building things and is god awful at red stone but he tries anyway. Outside of the game, he enjoys skiing, camping, Cooking, and finding new music. Also, he is really into anything to do with photography or cinematography, if […]