From Hungary, has been playing Minecraft since beta. He works at a video game company as a game designer, was QA before. Besides Minecraft he likes to play Rocket League and other fps games and creates highlight videos of them for his friends. He owns an almost full collection of Pokemon handheld games, and can […]


Just some dude that play MC who made this lovely website.


From Canada, has been playing Minecraft on and off since 2016. A casual player who enjoys building things and is god awful at red stone but he tries anyway. Outside of the game, he enjoys skiing, camping, Cooking, and finding new music. Also, he is really into anything to do with photography or cinematography, if […]


From the Netherlands, has been playing Minecraft periodically since alpha. A casual player putting more work in preparation than in actual building. In real life he is a mechanical engineering student that enjoys occasional Netflix sessions, gaming and spending time with friends.