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Wooden Spoon

Server IP's

The overall most asked question is: What is the IP of the server? We have two servers; Survival and Creative. Underneath you find their respective IP addresses.



Global & Common Questions

Yes, the server has different plugins to check every action such as block removal and container transactions.

This current map has been up since: 22 January 2021

200+ regular players, 25+ online most of the time.

No, only primed TNT. Check the rules

Firespread is Off

It almost always that you are not whitelisted. If you have not been whitelisted before, apply to the server.

If you have been whitelisted before, Go to the discord server and use #rewhitelist to get rewhitelisted

  • /vote (vote for the server and get votepoints)
  • /voteshop (spend your votepoints on times
  • /fb toggle (see different player and server stats)
  • /hud (see cordinates and in-game time)
  • /msg & /r (Shoot a direct message to a player and reply to one)
  • /ch d, /ch l, & /ch g (Switch in between different chat channels)

4 ticking & 8 no ticking = 12 in total

  • Vanilla:
  • Creative:

The Server was founded on May 26th 2017

Client sided minecraft mods


  • Tier1: €5,
  • Tier2: €10
  • Tier3: €20
  • Tier4: €40
  • Tier5: €60+
  • Spoon!: *exclusive*

You get different perks that you can find here

Staff and applications

Max 24h hours. But most applications are handled in an hour

Either they were not old enough, or they had an application not good enough and after many chances to provide more information they didn’t

Server based Questions

Intel Xeon E-2288G – 64GB DDR4 ECC RAM – 2x 1TB NVMe SSD

Yes, every hour a backup is made.

Farms & Redstone rules

Portal Gold farm are not allowed. Iron farms should comply with the rules