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Public Farms

Here you can find public farms made by other players. Each farm has a photo, name and location. To find the farm, go to the nether and take the tunnel the farm is located in. EX: North -217 means north tunnel, 217 blocks down you will find the tunnel to the portal for the farm.

No breaking anything at the farms. If something breaks, contact staff or farm creator(s). Only take the drops that you farmed, meaning don't just visit for 5 minutes and take all the loot. Also respect all signs/rules at each farm.

End Portal

North -217

Pigman XP Farm

West 70

Enderman Farm

North -217

Skeleton Spawner

West -137

Guardian Farm

West -481

Creeper Farm

North -425

Crop Farm

North -107

Blaze Farm

West -425

Spider/String Farm

West -257

Raid/Pillager Farm

North -820