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TWS Rules


The Staff team reserves the right to punish any member regardless of whether or not the rule is specifically covered for any reason. These rules are to be taken as guidelines which cover general scenarios. Common sense should be used where possible as to what’s right and wrong if a certain situation is not covered.
If you are unsure whether something is considered rule-breaking, ask a staff member before doing so. It is a players responsibility to know the rules or ask whether something is rule-breaking beforehand, we will not accept any excuses in punishment appeals.

1) Flame, Disrespect, Harassment and Inappropriate Content

This is a mature server and jokes are welcome, but do not flame, disrespect, harass or post/say inappropriate content. There is a fine line between having "banter" with players as soon as it falls under this rule, it is not banter.

2) Staff Disrespect & Flame

Flaming or Disrespecting staff will get you muted. This goes for staff from Jr. Mod to Admin. We don't get paid for this and staff would rather not be disrespected or flamed. So if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all. There's a fine line between banter and flaming when it comes to staff.

3) Spamming

Spamming is sending the same or multiple messages over and over. If you spam you will be warned to stop and if you don't stop you will be punished.

4) Autoclicking

Autoclicking to mine, kill monsters or anything involving autoclicking is strictly not allowed.

5) Advertising

Advertising other servers no matter how big or small is not allowed. You are free to post links to YouTube, Imgur, Reddit, Facebook or whatever else but do not advertise other servers in any way, shape or form.

6) Hacking

Using hacked clients, X-ray mods, X-ray texture packs, bugs, glitches, exploits or mods that alter your Vanilla experience or anything else that is considered hacking is strictly prohibited. This rule is taken very seriously and you will be banned straight away for breaking this rule.

7) No Base Raiding

Raiding bases is not allowed under any circumstances. It doesn't matter if the player is banned or hasn't logged on in a year. You are only to raid a base when you are given written permission by Luke or the owner of the base.

8) No Griefing

Players on TWS have spent countless hours building, gathering supplies and working together. If you take items or destroy another persons property without their permission it is considered griefing. This includes public farms.

9) Label your property with your IGN

Your builds, portals, and projects will be found by many players. To avoid confusion, credit, and disputes please label your property.

10) No duping

Dupes of any kind are NOT allowed, carpet dupers, any item or entity dupes. TNT dupers from flying machines or the likes that "dupe" the primed TNT are allowed.

11) Build outside the 500 square block radius away from spawn

This includes no mining, breaking trees, or anything inside the radius, shown here with the "X"s

12) English only in the Minecraft chat

As the majority of players are English speaking and I and other staff only speak English and we wouldn't know what you'd be saying in other languages, English is the only language allowed in the public chat. You may use your own language to others in private messages.

13) No AFK fishing or AFK fishing machines

AFK fishing and AFK fishing machines are not allowed because they are "cheaty" although apart of Minecraft they offer nothing to the server. You AFK for hours and get rare loot while you do nothing. So for that reason they are not allowed.

14) No flushing mobs farms

Minecraft is not very performance optimized and this mob farm causes huge lag because of water updates. Therefore this type of mob farm is not allowed.

15) No building bases in Ocean Monuments

Guardians cause huge lag and when everyone builds their bases in Monuments guardians are spawning constantly. You are free to build guardian farms just don't have your base in Ocean Monuments.

16) PVP is on a consent only basis

As we are a not a PVP server but rather a CO-OP based server, you are not allowed go around killing people unless you have their permission to fight.

17) Don’t build bases in the nether

Keep it to the Overworld.

18) Soul sand Guardian farms must follow these rules

Make it have an off switch, don't keep the guardians alive for long and don't have them gather together colliding.

19) No constantly colliding entities

This means any kind of mob or animal hitting off each other in small spaces(1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 etc). Keep all mobs and animals in large areas unless you have 1 it can be in a 1x1.

20) Dont build close to people

Build 200+ blocks away from other peoples builds.

21) Be reasonable when using public farms

You are allowed to AFK provided that you do not interfere with or hinder other's use of the farm. If you are in the way, or collecting drops from other player's actions, you should not be AFK.

22) No bypassing afk kick timer

You are not allowed to use any means inside or outside of game to bypass the afk kick timer.

23) Nether tunnel & portal building regulations
  • The portal for your base in the nether must follow these rules
  • Nether tunnels may be up to 7 blocks wide inclusive of walls.
  • Nether tunnels must be constructed between the grey concrete pillars of the main tunnel.
  • Nether tunnels must have no exposed netherrack, unless it is by design. You can work on your design for as long as needed, but just show us it is underway.
  • All tunnels must have carpets/slabs, or anything else, one the first block of your tunnel that will prevent passing boats from catching on your tunnel’s entrance.
  • Tunnels should be labelled with their resident(s).
  • Nether tunnels must be on Y: 111, the height of the main tunnels.
  • Tunnels should only run straight to your portal, with no turns or height changes.