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TWS Staff Team

Founder & Owner



From Ireland, has been playing minecraft since alpha, running/helping on servers since 2012. Not so much of a builder, more a miner. Stopped playing on the server and just runs/manages it now. Has gained a ton of experience in the last 2 years of the server that will help it tremendously. Enjoys running the server very much and hopes it will stay around for a long time.




From Canada, been playing Minecraft off and on since alpha. Enjoys tinkering around with just about everything. Favorite game type is skyblock and afk's a lot. He is the creator and designer of this website, and has done a fantastic job.



From Mississippi. And avid gamer who has been playing Minecraft for 6+ years, with a focus on larger builds. He is engaged and currently lives in Arkansas with his fiance, dog, and two bunnies, and enjoys hiking, gaming, and grilling.



From Illinois. He is a System Administrator, husband, and father of two. He loves tinkering with technology, and Minecraft enables and encourages that in many ways.



From North Carolina, has played MC since 2012, a mix of modded and vanilla. Recently finished his paramedic certification and is working in the field full time. Loves cars and computers. Tends to take on larger projects and live alone, but enjoys giving back and helping when and wherever possible.

Senior Moderators



From Cambridge, England. Currently Studying English, Philosophy, and Film for A-Levels. Avid runner, reader, and podcast listener; once stood on a sea urchin, and has skied off a cliff. Loves good music from any genre, except metal. Has been playing Minecraft on and off since 2011 and enjoys small to large-scale technical and building projects, interacting and playing near/with other players.



Finnish metalhead and a massive football fan. Loves sports, animals and feriquita. Grew up in the 80s where he found his lifelong passion in video games, action movies and Manchester United. In Minecraft, he's addicted to diamonds and iron.



From Wisconsin, been playing Minecraft on and off since 1.3.2. Loves sports, gaming, programming and racing dirt bikes. He spends too much time on large builds, but also likes messing with redstone. He was born deaf, but has the ability to hear through a cochlear hearing device. He also helps manage and develop the website.



Representing Canada and Finland, feri has been playing Minecraft for many years. In-game, she likes farming, caring for animals, exploring, decorating and helping fellow gamers. She's a Graphic Designer and Art Teacher. Loves to cook, travel, spend time in nature, and crepster. Proud ally of the LGBTQ+ Community. Feri also enjoys other videogames, such as World of Warcraft.




From Belgium, still looking for the perfect job. He loves working with computers and started playing minecraft since 1.8. Loves knowing every little thing about minecraft and sharing that knowledge with others.



From New Jersey, been playing minecraft on and off since 2012. Currently studying civil and architectural engineering in college and likes experimenting with different build styles. She also has a very cute dog.



From England, been playing minecraft on and off for about 8 years. Loves helping out and getting involved, loves big builds. 28 year old full-time father.



From Pennsylvania, has played MC since 2012 on and off. He is 18, Loves to joke around with others, and enjoys spending his time joking around with friends and family. Spends his free time playing mc and gaming with others and has no issue doing tedious jobs or ruining his sleep schedule to get things done.



From Canada, an athlete, plays Football (NA), Hockey, and Basketball. Has been playing Minecraft since Alpha. Likes to pass time in game by building small projects throughout the map (in communities) and is very active in chat. Music enthusiast, listens to most music genres. Outside of game does alot of working out, playing sports, and sleeping, alot.



From England, in college studying Science and working full time in a small chicken shop! Been playing minecraft for about 8 years now, massive harry potter and doctor who fan!

Jr. Moderators



From Wisconsin, attaining his degree, Unique enjoys programming, american football, and playing videogames. He loves playing piano and understanding mechanisms that drive the world on a day to day basis. He also is a trained senior auto-technician.



From Canada, enjoys the great outdoors and cars. Has been on and off MC for 6 years. Is either looking for diamonds or building. Enjoys American football, especially college football and listens to lots of music.



She’s a 24 year old french-Canadian goof that’s been playing Minecraft since 1.6. You can find Link in Minecraft building a castle as it is her favourite thing to do. Sailing the sea of Thieves, or hanging out in dark corners sending memes to her friends. If she’s not playing video games, she works hard in real life as a Workspace Planner.