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TWS Staff Team

Founder & Owner



From Ireland, has been playing minecraft since alpha, running/helping on servers since 2012. Not so much of a builder, more a miner. Stopped playing on the server and just runs/manages it now. Has gained a ton of experience in the last 2 years of the server that will help it tremendously. Enjoys running the server very much and hopes it will stay around for a long time.




He is a System Engineer, husband, and father of two. He loves tinkering with technology, and Minecraft enables and encourages that in many ways.



From North Carolina, started playing Minecraft with mod packs in 1.2.5. Former Paramedic turned IT professional, I love troubleshooting and solving problems no matter the subject. I tend to do my own thing on the server, but I enjoy giving back to the community and helping in any way possible.

Sr. Staff



From Wisconsin, been playing Minecraft on and off since 1.3.2. Loves sports, gaming, programming and racing dirt bikes. He spends too much time on large builds, but also likes messing with redstone. He was born deaf, but has the ability to hear through a cochlear hearing device. He also helps manage and develop the website.



From Ohio, has played Minecraft since 1.6. She is a Journalism major in Uni. In her spare time, she likes reading, copious amounts of coffee, cooking and spending time with her cat, Henry. While slow at it, her favorite aspect of the game is building and any attempt at redstone she makes is horrific. Most of her time on the server is spent AFK or working on a project for Spawn.



From the UKs home counties. An avid football fan and gamer. Can often be found muttering nonsense to himself and declaring that Vardy is better than Kane ever will be.



From Georgia, Now living in Michigan. Minecraft as been her passion for a long time. PureLove has worked professionally servers such as The Cube SMP Live, Harmony Hallow, The Avatar SMP, The City SMP, and many others. While backend minecraft has always came easily to Pure she struggles with actually playing the game so she went out in search for a server to relax with and found it here on TWS, where she has now been for over two years.



From Sweden and nicknamed Spill. Works as a civil engineer, and enjoys watching football, playing golf and writing, playing and recording music. Haven’t been playing Minecraft for long, but specialities include AFK, mining with iron picks, inventing bad red stone machinery and trying to learn how to build. Likes to try and make different skins for different occasions.




Excuse me. I believe you have my stapler.



From Canada, has been playing minecraft off & on since release. Started as a PvP type of player, but has enjoyed relaxing & grinding out projects more. Hobbies include sports & videogames. Fan of NFL, NHL, NBA, and the UFC. Plays other games in the FPS and Sports genre (CS, Valorant, Madden, NHL). Very competitive by nature & a sore loser.

Jr. Staff



From Montana. He has been playing Minecraft on and off since beta 1.7. His hobbies include creating languages, terraforming, making music and sleeping.



From the UK, and a mother of three boys. Got into Minecraft relatively recently despite her ancient years but thoroughly enjoys the block game and is somewhat addicted! Loves building in a variety of different styles and biomes and taking full advantage of the villager mechanics with her slave empires.

Wiki Team



No, it's a cardigan, but thanks for noticing!



Inspired to play Minecraft after her brother gave it up, kittycats59 aka "kitty" or "mars" finds joy in all things Minecraft. She is currently attempting to continue her education in Software Development while finding time to play one of the games that means the most to her.



When the thunder calls you.
From the mountain's high.
It's time to spread your wings and fly.
When the thunder calls you.
From the purple sun.
To the place where horse's run.

Community Contributors



From South Africa, lives in the UK, started playing Minecraft at some point in 2012. Enjoys awful puns and building complicated redstone contraptions that sometimes almost work. Do not approach if you value good taste in humour